15 Best Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

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Completing a capstone project is a major benchmark for nursing students as they near the end of their degree program. The capstone project allows learners to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and critical thinking ability gained throughout the nursing program. Picking the right topic for your nursing capstone project is important, as it sets the foundation for the entire project. The topic should align with your interests, be manageable in scope, and present an opportunity to thoroughly explore an important concept in nursing practice. In this blog post, we will look at 15 excellent nursing capstone project ideas that can help you fulfill the capstone requirement in a meaningful way.

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15 Best Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

Here are 15 best nursing capstone project ideas for nursing students:

1. The Consequence of Nurse Staffing Levels on Patient Outcomes

Examine how staffing ratios affect patient safety, mortality rates, infections, falls, and overall care quality.

2. Interventions to Reduce Hospital Readmissions 

Identify evidence-based interventions to lower readmission rates and improve transitional care from hospital to home.

3. Improving Nurse Work Environments

Explore factors like staffing, leadership, organizational culture, burnout, and job satisfaction that influence nurse work environments.

4. Cultural Competence in Nursing Care

Analyze how nurses can deliver culturally sensitive care to diverse patient populations, leading to improved health outcomes.

5. Nurse-Led Interventions to Reduce ER Visits 

Investigate nurse-led initiatives that can reduce avoidable ER visits through patient education, follow-up care, and connecting patients to community resources.

6. The Effect of Nurse Fatigue on Performance 

Examine the prevalence of nurse fatigue in healthcare, the factors that cause it, and its impact on patient safety and quality of care.

7. Interprofessional Collaboration

Evaluate the impact of interprofessional collaboration between nurses, doctors, and other clinicians on coordination of care, patient outcomes, workplace dynamics, and cost savings.

8. Nursing Sensitive Indicators and Quality Improvement 

Choose nursing-sensitive indicators like pressure ulcers, falls, or catheter infections to drive a quality improvement project.

9. Occupational Stress in Nurses 

Explore factors like emotional demands, lack of autonomy, workload, and work-life imbalance that contribute to burnout and high turnover rates.

10. Nurse Resilience Programs 

Assess evidence-based programs that promote resilience in nurses through self-care, stress management, empowerment, and addressing compassion fatigue.

11. Pain Management Strategies 

Analyze current practices and propose improvements to pain assessment, safe opioid prescribing, and nonpharmacologic pain treatments.

12. Improving Discharge Teaching for Elderly Patients

Identify deficiencies in discharge education and examine best practices to better prepare elderly patients for the transition home.

13. Implementing a New Nursing Practice Framework

Evaluate different nursing practice models like relationship-based care and document implementation plans.

14. Evidence-Based Fall Prevention Protocols 

Synthesize research on multifactorial fall risk assessments, interventions, and evaluation metrics to prevent patient falls.

15. Integrating Health Literacy into Patient Education

Assess nurses’ role in identifying low health literacy and adapting teaching approaches to empower diverse patient populations.


Completing a nursing capstone project requires focus, planning, research, and critical analysis to produce a high-quality final paper. This blog post presented 15 topical nursing capstone project ideas spanning quality improvement, evidence-based practice, patient safety, population health, and nursing leadership. Choose a topic that ignites your passion as you will immerse yourself in the subject matter for weeks ahead. Along the journey, remember to draw upon nursing theories, established best practices, scholarly research, and your own clinical experiences. The nursing capstone represents the culmination of your hard work and dedication to the field. With sound topic selection as your starting point, you are now equipped to undertake this rewarding rite of passage as you transition from nursing student to nursing professional.


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